Surgical instrument cleaning solutions are designed for cleaning heavily soiled surgical instruments prior to sterilization. The properly designed Surgical instrument cleaning solutions with secure the complete removal of all pathogens.

The Washington University School of Medicine at Washington University Medical Center examined the performance of a Surgical Instrument Washer Decontaminator Disinfector, using surgical instrument enzymatic cleaners detergents, and found that it removed all organisms from the surgical instruments tested, when cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization. The Washer Decontaminator Washer Disinfector was tested for its ability to complete remove pathological organism from surgical instruments. Pure cultures of the following organisms were grown on appropriate agar plates. Kelly clamps, tweezers and scissors were placed on these plates of organism, taking care to ensure that all serrated edges were packed with all the organisms. Each contaminated instrument was then dipped into the tube of Thiogycolate medium before being placed in all the washer baskets. The instruments were then processed through the complete Washer Decontaminator Washer Disinfector cycle.  At the end of the drying cycle, the instruments were allowed to cool and then dipped into another tube of Thioglycolate medium. Results: All tubes of the Thioglycoate medium tested before the wash grew the appropriate organism within six to 18 ours after testing.  All tubes tested at the end of the wash showed no growth after 14 days of incubation. This Washer Decontaminator Washer Disinfector removed all organisms from the instruments.

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Washer Decontaminator Disinfector achieved Efficacy of Disinfection 100%. Another evaluation of Washer Decontaminators Washer Disinfectors using enzymatic surgical instrument cleaning detergents, confirmed that the efficacy of disinfection was 100%. In this study, L.P. Jette and N.G. Lambert used two test methods. One method was to test the effect of heat only within the disinfection process and the other test method was to test the efficacy of both heat and washing. Each method gave reproducible results and confirmed the efficacy of the washer decontaminator disinfector and washer disinfector detergents.
The washer decontaminator disinfector demonstrated, using the enzyme surgical instrument detergent, the ability to completely remove pathological organisms from surgical instruments prior to sterilization with effective repeatability. There operation is automatic, reliable, labor saving and easy to use. Central Processing departments rarely find the need to manually treat devices and report an  exceptionally low rate of rejected devices. Conclusion: The washer decontaminator disinfector sequence, cold water pre-wash, ultrasonic cleaning, detergent enzyme surgical instrument cleaning solution washing action, final rinse and drying treatment of a properly designed Washer Decontaminator Washer Disinfector Critical Cleaner will provide critical cleaning, the prerequisite for safe handling, optimal disinfecting, and sterilizing of medical devices. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning solutions clean surgical instruments prior to sterilization more effectively. The removal of emulsified bioburden is the most difficult cleaning challenge. Surgical procedures that involve suction produce emulsified forms of bioburden, this includes eye surgical procedures that use phacoemulsification. The ONEcleaner enzymatic Surgical instrument cleaning solution lubricants replace products. Cleaning orthopedic surgical Instruments prior to sterilization and cleaning eye surgical instruments offer the most difficult cleaning challenges due to the emulsification of lipids and proteins. Due to the increased awareness of TASS and it's most probable causes, the ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners and surgical instrument cleaning detergents were developed as free rinsing detergent-enzyme-lubricant cleaners that render residue free eye surgical instruments. During the field trials it was discovered that the all-in-ONE surgical instrument cleaning solutions performed better than any other product for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization. Buy surgical instrument cleaning solutions for cleaning prior to sterilization residue free.