A hospital reported that as many as 8 patients may have been infected with Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, or CJD. Some of the same instruments used during brain surgery on a index patient in March, 2000, were reused on 8 other patients during various neurological procedures between March and May. The potentially contaminated surgical instruments were not removed from service until May, when the index patient who had passed away was found during autopsy to have had CJD. Reports suggest that, after use on the index patient and each of the other 8 patients, the instruments were washed and sterilized in accordance with the hospital’s routine decontamination procedures. Contact us for surgical instrument cleaning solutions and washer disinfector detergents. Prions, however, which are the agents thought to cause CJD, may survive standard cleaning and sterilization procedures, raising concern. The possibility exists, however remote, that the surgical instruments: were contaminated with prions during the index patient’s brain surgery in May; remained contaminated despite the hospital’s efforts to clean and sterilize them; and between March and May transmitted prions, and therefore presumably CJD, to these 8 patients. Complicating this incident is the lack of a reliable method to assess the risk that any of these 8 patients were infected with CJD. Symptoms of CJD may not develop for many years, and CJD usually can only be confirmed definitively through an autopsy or brain biopsy. A similar incident occurred more recently in New England. According to Reuters, thirteen people who recently underwent neurosurgery in Massachusetts and New Hampshire may have been exposed to a rare and fatal brain condition similar to mad cow disease because of potentially infected surgical instruments. In addition to the notification of patients of the risk of transmission of CJD’s infectious prions during surgery, in September, 2013, health officials in Canada, in August, 2012, met with nearly 150 surgical patients of St. Joseph’s Hospital (in Saint John, Canada) to reassure them they had not been exposed to CJD, despite a confirmed case at this hospital in July (2012). As a precaution, this hospital’s operating rooms were closed for two days to be disinfected. Contact us for information that will cut costs for surgical instrument cleaning detergents.

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